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An Open Letter to PhilHealth President and CEO, DR. REY B. AQUINO

Posted by pro1people on April 4, 2009


An Open Letter to PhilHealth President and CEO, DR. REY B. AQUINO

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Dear Mr. President:

I am one of the regular personnel of PhRO 1 who DID NOT signed the petition against our AVP, Dr. Leo Dougals Cardona, Jr.. I did NOT join majority of my officemates because I was AFRAID that NO action can and will be made by PhilHealth against our AVP. I was also afraid of the possible “retaliation” my AVP can do against me if ever I sign a petition against him. Although I strongly BELIEVE on the contents and the merits of the petition, I risked myself of being ridiculed by the people who signed because I believe that the petition will NOT go anywhere.

More than a month after the petition was submitted, management of PhilHealth still has NO action. More than a month after the period of the Fact-Finding and Investigation Committee to submit a recommendation on the mauling incident by our AVP, the report has NOT been made public. NO disciplinary action or even a slight warning has been given our AVP.

For all these, my fears and expectations were all coming TRUE. What is it with our AVP that NO one dare to lift a finger to even reprimand him? How can people in PhRO1 work harmoniously and towards our goal of universal coverage if they have NO respect and they don’t believe the one leading them? How can we even have HOPE if the people WE EXPECT to help us have done NOTHING to even recognize or act on our petition?

Dr. Aquino, we look upon you as a person of integrity and decency. We do NOT know what is stopping you, or what force drives you NOT to do anything; maybe you have your own reasons. Whatever your reasons are, please do NOT wait for PhilHealth employees to think of you less. It has been proven that people with low morale cannot work efficiently and effectively. People who are led by a person whom they do NOT respect and believe in either produce a wrong output or a “half-cooked” product.

If NOT doing anything is the right thing to do, then please tell us, what should we do?


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Posted by pro1people on March 16, 2009


PRO1 personnel are peaceful and loving people.  We can tolerate even the most obnoxious clients and co-employees because hey, nobody’s perfect.  As proof, we were able to sing and dance to whatever music our AVP wants.  With what we experienced under him, we hoped and pray that someday, he will change and be able to work with us harmoniously, and with respect. 

And so we waited . . .


PRO1 personnel are smart and hardworking people.  We can achieve our targets, even exceed them, in ways we only know how.  We can do things with little or no preparation, yet our output is at par with other regions.  Though at times these things are not recognized by our boss, we still do our job the best way we could and we know how, hoping that someday, our AVP will guide and support us. 

And so we waited . . .


PRO1 personnel are dedicated and talented people.  We can sing, dance, and act even with our eyes closed.  We are dedicated in what we do that even if we do it for free, on a Sunday or holiday, as long as we love what we do, we will do it.   At times our talents and dedication are abused, but we don’t mind, because if that’s what makes our boss happy, then so be it.  We just prayed that someday, our AVP will assist us with some of our minor needs such as uniforms, rest days, food (without meal stubs), and of course, praise and encouragement.  

And so we waited . . .


PRO1 personnel are happy people.  We laugh even at small things because it helps to keep us going.  We make fun and call people names sometimes but we don’t really mean it.  They are just spice of life to make our work a little lighter and less boring.  We hoped that someday, we will be able to talk and laugh freely, without being misinterpreted, without having to watch our words (our jokes), without having to turn around to see if someone’s listening.  We said, someday, we will be able to share a good laugh with our AVP.

And so we waited . . .



PRO1 personnel are united, brave, strong and wise.  A petition for the immediate relief and imposition of appropriate sanctions against AVP Cardona was submitted last February 20, 2009 to the Office of the President, PHICEA, and other concerned offices.  More than half of the regular personnel of PRO1 signed.  These people waited for something which never came.  That is why they have to stand up and do something.  They are tired of waiting.  We are tired of waiting.


More regular personnel wanted to sign but are afraid of what our AVP can do against them.  Most of our contractors and project-based personnel are very much willing to sign but we told them not to, not yet, not at this time anyway.   They have to wait.


Now, it is up to the management of PhilHealth to do what is right, what is just, and what is proper, to do something they should have done a long time ago. 


again . . .

hoping this time, we are waiting for something . . .

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If only . . .

Posted by pro1people on February 24, 2009



If only people would stop telling stories and lies.  If only people would start listening and doing what is right.  If only people would stop influencing, “using”, and manipulating other people.  If only people would stop hurting other people, physically and emotionally.  If only people listened to the right people at the right place and at the right time.  If only people tried to do things the right way.  If only people were brought up and taught to treat other people with respect.  If only people placed and transferred the right people to the right position at the right time.  If only people would set aside their own interest and personal differences, and instead, just work for a common goal.



Then, this office, and any other office, will be a better place to work in . . .


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Facts you might not know, but always knew . . .

Posted by pro1people on February 10, 2009

Did you know that . . .

1. austerity measures are being implemented in all government offices?

2. a day-off is being planned for project-based personnel because of a budget shortage?

3. about 5 personnel sleeps, watches TV, takes a bath, turns on and off the light (and maybe the aircon) every night in our office for FREE?

4. corporate vehicles are not only used for official business but for personal business also?


Are you aware that . . .

1. the contract of an employee who was given an award for having a perfect attendance was not renewed?

2. personnel are not allowed to commit mistakes because they might be cursed, berated, and get fired?

3. if you are loyal to him, you can damage any of the corporation’s equipment and get away with it?

4. Dr. Cardona has a “magic touch” for women?

5. Smoking within the office premises of PhilHealth Dagupan is permitted anytime and anywhere?


Just lately, were you informed that . . .

1. what happened during the Christmas party was featured in local TV stations?

2. a columnist also discussed it in a local newspaper?

3. in order NOT to circulate the newspaper to a lot of readers, a handful of Dr. Cardona’s angels went around Dagupan City and bought all the copies being sold in newsstands?

4. NBI – Dagupan has recommended the filing of physical injuries and maltreatment (defined and penalized under Article 266 of the Revised Penal Code) against Dr. Cardona and his goons for the incident that happened last December 15, 2008 in Leisure Coast?

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For all TV Stations & Newspapers:

Posted by pro1people on January 25, 2009


We, the lowly employees of PhilHealth Regional Office 1 (PRO 1) – Dagupan City (Pangasinan) is asking for your assistance to cover and broadcast, on a nationwide basis, the case filed against our current regional vice president, DR. LEO DOUGLAS V. CARDONA, JR.

 Attached in this email are the cases filed in the City Prosecution Office of Dagupan City (Pangasinan) in the sala of Prosecutor Cañadido and Chief Prosecutor Pelagio Palma against Dr. Cardona. To support such case, documentary evidences are available with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) – Dagupan District Office or we can provide you such documents upon request. Stories and other details are also available at

 We seek your assistance because we are afraid that without media support, this case will go down the drain; that fair play and justice will not prevail; and that we will suffer the consequences in the end.  You see, Dr. Cardona is supported and is closely connected to a high ranking Palace official; the reason why he is considered “untouchable”, even when he was still in PhilHealth’s Central Office in Pasig City.

 The stakeholders in the region which includes the hospitals, doctors, and LGU Chief executives can attest at how obnoxious Dr. Cardona treats people. We have endured him for more than a year because we are afraid of what he can do against us. In such short time, he already verbally abused, berated, insulted, and harassed some or all of us. But more than that, we have loved, served and protected PhilHealth’s reputation for so long that we cannot allow it to be destroyed by this abusive, arrogant, and heartless manager.

 A fact-finding committee was formed by our Central Office to investigate such incident but we believe that it is only a “moro-moro” to show that they have done something. In the end, we believe that no punishment will be served. That is why the media’s coverage will be crucial. We will be very thankful for your support on this matter.


Truly yours,

The employees of PRO 1 – Dagupan City

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What really happened on December 15, 2008

Posted by pro1people on January 24, 2009

A Christmas Party was held at the Niki’s Garden of Leisure Coast on December 15, 2008.  The event was attended by all employees of region I and some guests.  It started at about 6:30pm and from that time, Dr. Leo Cardona, the manager and head of agency was already drinking.


At about 11:30pm, he got hold of the microphone and directed everyone to dance, otherwise, he will not release the bonus due to the employees.  He shouted at the music operator:  “louder, louder!”.  But because the music was already loud, and because he received an instruction from the emcee to change the music, the DJ obliged, and during the transition, the volume softened.  At this point, Dr. Cardona, while using the mic, shouted “Stupid! Son of a bitch! Stupid!”  After saying this, he hurriedly attacked the DJ, shouted foul languages and invectives, and threw numerous punches at the lowly and surprised DJ.  After some employees and waiters were able to pacify him, he returned to the dance floor and danced, as if nothing happened. 


A few minutes after this, while still in the dance floor, Dr. Cardona ran outside the hall and punched a waiter standing outside.  The supervisor, whom Dr. Cardona thought was a waiter, tried to pacify him but was the one who was punched in the process.  The supervisor’s eyeglasses were broken.  The DJ saw the incident and tried to stop what was happening, but he was held by some of Cardona’s men and was again punched in the process.  During this “2nd round” of punching, Dr. Cardona was accompanied by his relatives (who are also PhilHealth employees), his driver and Edgar Mamenta, a councilor from the town of Binmaley, Pangasinan and a former aide of DOH Secretary Francisco Duque.  This was only averted when the resort’s waiters and some PhilHealth employees intervened.

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Ang PRO 1, bow!

Posted by pro1people on January 22, 2009

This site will update you of what is happening in PhilHealth Regional Office 1 (PRO 1) in Dagupan City.  As you may have read and heard, our office is like showbiz, “may action, comedy at drama”. 


Here, you will read and know things you thought are not possible.  Events that can only be seen in the movies, and words that can only be heard in telenovelas.


Read and enjoy! Be updated! Be entertained!  Comments and suggestions are most welcome!


In the process, you might want to help us do something about what is happening in our office.  If you have the power, please help us.  If you have the connection, please introduce us.  As what is always written in our tarpaulins: “Share, Care, Ito ang Pilipino!”

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