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For all TV Stations & Newspapers:

Posted by pro1people on January 25, 2009


We, the lowly employees of PhilHealth Regional Office 1 (PRO 1) – Dagupan City (Pangasinan) is asking for your assistance to cover and broadcast, on a nationwide basis, the case filed against our current regional vice president, DR. LEO DOUGLAS V. CARDONA, JR.

 Attached in this email are the cases filed in the City Prosecution Office of Dagupan City (Pangasinan) in the sala of Prosecutor Cañadido and Chief Prosecutor Pelagio Palma against Dr. Cardona. To support such case, documentary evidences are available with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) – Dagupan District Office or we can provide you such documents upon request. Stories and other details are also available at

 We seek your assistance because we are afraid that without media support, this case will go down the drain; that fair play and justice will not prevail; and that we will suffer the consequences in the end.  You see, Dr. Cardona is supported and is closely connected to a high ranking Palace official; the reason why he is considered “untouchable”, even when he was still in PhilHealth’s Central Office in Pasig City.

 The stakeholders in the region which includes the hospitals, doctors, and LGU Chief executives can attest at how obnoxious Dr. Cardona treats people. We have endured him for more than a year because we are afraid of what he can do against us. In such short time, he already verbally abused, berated, insulted, and harassed some or all of us. But more than that, we have loved, served and protected PhilHealth’s reputation for so long that we cannot allow it to be destroyed by this abusive, arrogant, and heartless manager.

 A fact-finding committee was formed by our Central Office to investigate such incident but we believe that it is only a “moro-moro” to show that they have done something. In the end, we believe that no punishment will be served. That is why the media’s coverage will be crucial. We will be very thankful for your support on this matter.


Truly yours,

The employees of PRO 1 – Dagupan City


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