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Facts you might not know, but always knew . . .

Posted by pro1people on February 10, 2009

Did you know that . . .

1. austerity measures are being implemented in all government offices?

2. a day-off is being planned for project-based personnel because of a budget shortage?

3. about 5 personnel sleeps, watches TV, takes a bath, turns on and off the light (and maybe the aircon) every night in our office for FREE?

4. corporate vehicles are not only used for official business but for personal business also?


Are you aware that . . .

1. the contract of an employee who was given an award for having a perfect attendance was not renewed?

2. personnel are not allowed to commit mistakes because they might be cursed, berated, and get fired?

3. if you are loyal to him, you can damage any of the corporation’s equipment and get away with it?

4. Dr. Cardona has a “magic touch” for women?

5. Smoking within the office premises of PhilHealth Dagupan is permitted anytime and anywhere?


Just lately, were you informed that . . .

1. what happened during the Christmas party was featured in local TV stations?

2. a columnist also discussed it in a local newspaper?

3. in order NOT to circulate the newspaper to a lot of readers, a handful of Dr. Cardona’s angels went around Dagupan City and bought all the copies being sold in newsstands?

4. NBI – Dagupan has recommended the filing of physical injuries and maltreatment (defined and penalized under Article 266 of the Revised Penal Code) against Dr. Cardona and his goons for the incident that happened last December 15, 2008 in Leisure Coast?


4 Responses to “Facts you might not know, but always knew . . .”

  1. Ikaw ba si RM, EM, DM, SG, MB, HT or MA? said

    For the Media Man in Dagupan, Pangasinan and to Limahong

    – Swerte lang si Cardona dahil sya na ang nag-aani ng mga naitanim ni Beltran sa loob ng walong taon pamamahala sa Philhealth Region 1 bago dumating si cardona… Ang trend even the time of beltran ay increasing… isang taon palang mahigit si Cardona sa Philhealth Region-1 kaya natural lang po na mas malaki ang t during the one year stay ni cardona kasi nga increasing ang trend ng collection at na conduct na ang mga mapping at educational campaign ng philhealth during pa ng time ni beltran. Sa mga Press baka naman manipulated mga firues na na ipresent sa inyo during presscon. Presscon ay isang strategy lang ito ni cardona para meron sya ipakita na proof na mas magaling sya. Kaya Limahong wag ang collection on a yearly basis ang pag basihan mo. Ang pag basihan mo ay kung gaano karami ang empleyado na pina hiya ni cardona compare sa pinahiya ni beltran, kung gaano karami ang empleyado na nagmamahal kay beltran compare kay cardona, kung gaano karaming babae mayroon si cardona compare kay beltran, kung gaano karaming bisyo mayroon si cardona compare kay beltran, kung gaano karaming staff mayroon si cardona sa opisina nya compare kay Beltran (beltran only has 2 during his time but cardona kulang mga daliri mo sa kamay, they are all serving cardona like a king), ilan babae na ba ang nasampla ni cardona compare kay beltran..(wala akong alam na nasampal ni beltran pero kay cardona meron ako isang alam… nanyari ito doon sa laoag forth ilocandia, sya si gorgeous woman) at higit sa lahat kung gaano karaming petition mayroon si cardona compare kay beltran (ang alam ko di pa napetition si beltran kahit minsan)…ilang regional office na ba ang nagpetition kay cardona?

    Limahong you’re just trying to be professional sa comment mo pero non-sense naman. Magpaka totoo ka….

    Pakiusap lang po namin sa mga loyalist ni cardona na tigilan na ang pagiging defensive… kasi di kami makatiis na ibulgar ang mga katotohanan… kaya kung ayaw nyo lumabas pa ang iba nyo pang mga baho… tumigil na kayo at aminin nyo nalang na si cardona ang may mas malaking pagkakamali at pagkukulang…

    Lot of thanks sa mga totoong

  2. limahong said


    Please do a real evaluation of the performance of mr. beltran and dr. cardona in terms of membership coverage, premiums collected and claims processed at philhealth region 1 one a yearly basis and finally decide on merits.

    Lots of thanks.

  3. limahong said

    1. Mr. Beltran has 2 wives per NSO certification
    a. marcelina beltran – declared dead court in 2004 but is alive and abroad so he can marry the next one

    b. nadine salva beltran – initially undeclarted until impregnated and tummy too big to be ignogred
    by the nadine is an employee of pro1 the latest at pro1 to be loved by ka ernie. She child is a product of BATAnes official trips of both.

    2. that mr. beltran had his share of madam xxx’s prior to nadine in and out of pro1.

    3. that mr. beltran was sued for sexual harassment by dra. grace v. a cousin of his and also from bugallon, pangasinan. kasi kumakain din ng sariling laman itong si ernie v b.

    4. that mr. edmund valencerina the guy with perfect attendance was not renewed to work as he was one of the suspects in putting griending compound to the engine of two 2 service vehicles of pro1 together with rommel coquia.

    5. that mrs. nadine salva beltran was reimbursing traveling allowance while on leave for threatened abortiom last nov and dec 2007 with her papers signed by her husband ernie.

    6. that ka ernie is facing charges at the fiscal office in dagupan city for grave threats – poking a gun to two 2 pro1 staff.

    7. that mr beltran has seven 7 administrative cases filed at THE CENTRAL OFFICE for various offences.

    8. that mr ed dulatre was responsible for the loss of a pro1 vehicle in 2003 and peo1 checks also in 2003 while still a non regular employee but still was appointed because of mr beltran in 2007 to the detriment of more deserving nono reg staff.

    9. that mr beltran got his promotion in 2007 solely because of then speaker joe d v despite the objection of sec duque.



  4. R.R said

    Immorality-ridden government office
    Who is this gorgeous but married Pangasinan-based Philhealth Insurance Corp. lady worker who was sexually linked to her male co-employee some years ago?
    According to report, she was impregnated by her paramour and her youngest child looked like her former boyfriend.
    Now, she is again into another illicit relationship with a high official in that immorality-ridden office. She was usually with this official every time the latter went into field work.
    Does her husband – who works in another office stone’s throw away from where she works – know about her tryst?
    According to media man Ronel de Vera (yes baby, he was that media guy you saw on TV who sued Loaoc Mayor Antonio Abalos of Illegal Practice of Dentistry after Abalos vigorously slapped him on the face that broke five of his teeth) the controversial and beleaguered PhilHealth Regional Manager Dr. Leo Cardona has just launched his counter-attacked against two of his division chiefs Abbie Banares and Ed Duarte whom he suspected to conspire against him. Both handles the first and second districts, and fifth and sixth districts of Pangasinanm, respectively.
    Unlike Adolf Hitler who ordered the immediate execution thru firing squad of Count von Stauffenberg , and asked under duress Legendary Tank Commander Field Marshal Erwin Rommel to commit suicide by drinking a poison (to spare the death of his family) after they were implicated to the frustrated bomb-assassination of the Fuhrer at his “Wolf’s Lair” command office in the Eastern Front of Germany, Dr. Cardona has still a heart (a Machiavellian type?) by just removing the duo from their post and assigned them in lieu of each other’s office thus only dislocating them some kilometers away and some hours away with their family.
    Son of a gun, the worst Cardona could do for them is to transfer them to some god-forsaken places in Marcos’ Ilocosvokia Norte — far from the amenities-rich jungle asphalt cities of Alaminos and Urdaneta where they used to have their office. (RR).

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