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What really happened on December 15, 2008

Posted by pro1people on January 24, 2009

A Christmas Party was held at the Niki’s Garden of Leisure Coast on December 15, 2008.  The event was attended by all employees of region I and some guests.  It started at about 6:30pm and from that time, Dr. Leo Cardona, the manager and head of agency was already drinking.


At about 11:30pm, he got hold of the microphone and directed everyone to dance, otherwise, he will not release the bonus due to the employees.  He shouted at the music operator:  “louder, louder!”.  But because the music was already loud, and because he received an instruction from the emcee to change the music, the DJ obliged, and during the transition, the volume softened.  At this point, Dr. Cardona, while using the mic, shouted “Stupid! Son of a bitch! Stupid!”  After saying this, he hurriedly attacked the DJ, shouted foul languages and invectives, and threw numerous punches at the lowly and surprised DJ.  After some employees and waiters were able to pacify him, he returned to the dance floor and danced, as if nothing happened. 


A few minutes after this, while still in the dance floor, Dr. Cardona ran outside the hall and punched a waiter standing outside.  The supervisor, whom Dr. Cardona thought was a waiter, tried to pacify him but was the one who was punched in the process.  The supervisor’s eyeglasses were broken.  The DJ saw the incident and tried to stop what was happening, but he was held by some of Cardona’s men and was again punched in the process.  During this “2nd round” of punching, Dr. Cardona was accompanied by his relatives (who are also PhilHealth employees), his driver and Edgar Mamenta, a councilor from the town of Binmaley, Pangasinan and a former aide of DOH Secretary Francisco Duque.  This was only averted when the resort’s waiters and some PhilHealth employees intervened.


3 Responses to “What really happened on December 15, 2008”

  1. schroedinger said

    hmmmmmm i knew dr. cardona in few of PHICs training….cant imagine he’s like that…..WE JUST DONT KNOW WHAT’S GOING THROUGH HIS THOUGHTS….pressure sa RE-ENG???

  2. httppro1poeple said

    bakit nasabi,mo na kung ikaw ba bastusin ng gaguhin,at yung sinasabi mong supervisor ay akma susuntukin sya eh de depensive ka

  3. httppro1poeple said

    no ur wrong

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