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If only . . .

Posted by pro1people on February 24, 2009



If only people would stop telling stories and lies.  If only people would start listening and doing what is right.  If only people would stop influencing, “using”, and manipulating other people.  If only people would stop hurting other people, physically and emotionally.  If only people listened to the right people at the right place and at the right time.  If only people tried to do things the right way.  If only people were brought up and taught to treat other people with respect.  If only people placed and transferred the right people to the right position at the right time.  If only people would set aside their own interest and personal differences, and instead, just work for a common goal.



Then, this office, and any other office, will be a better place to work in . . .



One Response to “If only . . .”

  1. PRO1 People said

    Dear AVP,
    Our petition/request for your transfer from PRO-1 is not intended to persecute you for the wrong things you’ve done to us… rather we just want PRO1 to be a “BETTER PLACE TO WORK IN”.

    During more than 1 year of your stay in Philhealth, it can be equated to 333 years of Spanish invasion in the Philippines.
    It is now time for revolt against the cruelty of the Spaniards.
    The Kataastaasan Kagalanggalangang Katipunan (“KKK”) is now ready to revolt to liberate the PRO1PEOPLE.

    You have always projected your patriotism to us by your creativity in directing cultural presentation, requiring us to recite/sing the different kind of Panunumpa and nationalistic songs, and requiring us to wear pilipiniana during the flag ceremony. Now, you are given the opportunity to do a real heroic act for the people of PRO1.

    During the people power 1, Ferdinand Marcos became a hero to many Filipinos because he fled to Hawaii to avoid bloodshed. During people power 2, former Pres. Erap did the same thing. Now Erap is still being loved by many filipinos.

    You can be dignified by following the footstep of Macoy and Erap, but if you will insist to fight for yourself and try to defend your wrong doings through the abuse use of your authority, it is just but continually dishonoring yourself.

    From the bottom of our hearts we don’t intent to hurt you, punish you, or even to embarrass you. Our dream is just

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