PhilHealth Dagupan Updated!

the “voice” of the PRO-I people


Posted by pro1people on March 16, 2009


PRO1 personnel are peaceful and loving people.  We can tolerate even the most obnoxious clients and co-employees because hey, nobody’s perfect.  As proof, we were able to sing and dance to whatever music our AVP wants.  With what we experienced under him, we hoped and pray that someday, he will change and be able to work with us harmoniously, and with respect. 

And so we waited . . .


PRO1 personnel are smart and hardworking people.  We can achieve our targets, even exceed them, in ways we only know how.  We can do things with little or no preparation, yet our output is at par with other regions.  Though at times these things are not recognized by our boss, we still do our job the best way we could and we know how, hoping that someday, our AVP will guide and support us. 

And so we waited . . .


PRO1 personnel are dedicated and talented people.  We can sing, dance, and act even with our eyes closed.  We are dedicated in what we do that even if we do it for free, on a Sunday or holiday, as long as we love what we do, we will do it.   At times our talents and dedication are abused, but we don’t mind, because if that’s what makes our boss happy, then so be it.  We just prayed that someday, our AVP will assist us with some of our minor needs such as uniforms, rest days, food (without meal stubs), and of course, praise and encouragement.  

And so we waited . . .


PRO1 personnel are happy people.  We laugh even at small things because it helps to keep us going.  We make fun and call people names sometimes but we don’t really mean it.  They are just spice of life to make our work a little lighter and less boring.  We hoped that someday, we will be able to talk and laugh freely, without being misinterpreted, without having to watch our words (our jokes), without having to turn around to see if someone’s listening.  We said, someday, we will be able to share a good laugh with our AVP.

And so we waited . . .



PRO1 personnel are united, brave, strong and wise.  A petition for the immediate relief and imposition of appropriate sanctions against AVP Cardona was submitted last February 20, 2009 to the Office of the President, PHICEA, and other concerned offices.  More than half of the regular personnel of PRO1 signed.  These people waited for something which never came.  That is why they have to stand up and do something.  They are tired of waiting.  We are tired of waiting.


More regular personnel wanted to sign but are afraid of what our AVP can do against them.  Most of our contractors and project-based personnel are very much willing to sign but we told them not to, not yet, not at this time anyway.   They have to wait.


Now, it is up to the management of PhilHealth to do what is right, what is just, and what is proper, to do something they should have done a long time ago. 


again . . .

hoping this time, we are waiting for something . . .


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