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An Open Letter to PhilHealth President and CEO, DR. REY B. AQUINO

Posted by pro1people on April 4, 2009


An Open Letter to PhilHealth President and CEO, DR. REY B. AQUINO

(sent by


Dear Mr. President:

I am one of the regular personnel of PhRO 1 who DID NOT signed the petition against our AVP, Dr. Leo Dougals Cardona, Jr.. I did NOT join majority of my officemates because I was AFRAID that NO action can and will be made by PhilHealth against our AVP. I was also afraid of the possible “retaliation” my AVP can do against me if ever I sign a petition against him. Although I strongly BELIEVE on the contents and the merits of the petition, I risked myself of being ridiculed by the people who signed because I believe that the petition will NOT go anywhere.

More than a month after the petition was submitted, management of PhilHealth still has NO action. More than a month after the period of the Fact-Finding and Investigation Committee to submit a recommendation on the mauling incident by our AVP, the report has NOT been made public. NO disciplinary action or even a slight warning has been given our AVP.

For all these, my fears and expectations were all coming TRUE. What is it with our AVP that NO one dare to lift a finger to even reprimand him? How can people in PhRO1 work harmoniously and towards our goal of universal coverage if they have NO respect and they don’t believe the one leading them? How can we even have HOPE if the people WE EXPECT to help us have done NOTHING to even recognize or act on our petition?

Dr. Aquino, we look upon you as a person of integrity and decency. We do NOT know what is stopping you, or what force drives you NOT to do anything; maybe you have your own reasons. Whatever your reasons are, please do NOT wait for PhilHealth employees to think of you less. It has been proven that people with low morale cannot work efficiently and effectively. People who are led by a person whom they do NOT respect and believe in either produce a wrong output or a “half-cooked” product.

If NOT doing anything is the right thing to do, then please tell us, what should we do?


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